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 MSN Media, Inc. A FileMaker Pro consulting company, specializing in custom relational database design for a select group of clients.
 FileMaker Pro My database of choice. Organization perfection for Mac and Windows.
 Blues Guitar Play guitar every day, for just a little escape from the world outside, and a way to be more a part of that same world. Could be modern electric blues, could be classical: it's all good.
 Recorded Music Music is passion for me. After going through a modern contemplative classical phase (Arvo Pärt, Taverner, and Henryk Gorecki choral music) I now listen to Blues (Buddy Guy, Robben Ford, Popa Chubby, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Jim Mesi) Alt rock (Foo Fighters), Trip-Hop (Supreme Beings of Leisure, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation), and good old rock & pop (Santana, Red Hot Chili Peckers, No Doubt) I also enjoy everything from Esquivel to Pink Martini.
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If you want to look at some photos, they're finally Here! The old batch was getting tired but it's still fun. These new photos are from a wide range of places and times. Given the Navarre family nature of this page, you'll see more pictures from many of the family members! Mike Navarre is the current winner in the photo count game.

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